Run it mocker server

moclojer is written in the Clojure programming language and is provided for distribution in some formats.

Environment vars

  • XDG_CONFIG_HOME: to fetch the default moclojer configuration file (default: $HOME/.config)

  • MOCLOJER_ENV: define the environment where the moclojer is running, we accept prod or dev (default: prod)


Has an alias created in edn with the name “run”

CONFIG=moclojer.yml clojure -X:run

moclojer uses XDG_CONFIG_HOME to fetch the default moclojer configuration file, if you want to set a different directory you must use the -c or CONFIG environment variable


You don’t have the binary file yet? Download it here. The moclojer is distributed as follows:

  • Binary format: moclojer_<OS> - in binary format (you don’t need anything additional on your operating system to run it)

    • Linux moclojer_Linux

    • macOS moclojer_macOS

  • moclojer.jar - _in java format (you need to install java to run it)

  • Docker image - _in docker format (you need to install docker to run it)

After creating the file you must run moclojer passing the configuration file by the CONFIG environment variable:

CONFIG=moclojer.yml moclojer # binary filename

jar file

CONFIG=moclojer.yml java -jar moclojer.jar


docker pull
docker run -it \
  -v $(pwd)/moclojer.yml:/app/moclojer.yml \

to use the edn format, you must pass the following parameters to docker:

-e CONFIG=moclojer.edn -v $(pwd)/moclojer.edn:/app/moclojer.edn

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